October | Frida Artistry Series Winner...

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We are so excited to announce our winner of the Frida Artisty Series Contest for October is ....

Courtney West! 

 While you enjoy your spiced pineapple margarita, get to know the artist behind this month's Frida Kahlo inspired glass. 

Get in touch:


Instagram: @courtneywestfineart 

Where are you from?

I’m Courtney West, a drawer/painter born and raised in Roswell, GA, with a bachelors degree in fine arts from Georgia Southern University. 

How long have you lived in Atlanta/ Surrounding Areas?

See Above.

What inspired you to submit art for this project?

What led me to submit a piece of work to this contest was my love of art and appreciation of Frida Kahlo’s art work. Being familiar with her work, I knew I had the perfect concept for my entry after hearing about this contest. I thought it would be a fun challenge to create a piece that incorporates Frida's style, while staying true to my style as well.

Please describe your artwork. What does the piece mean to you?

The concept of Frida Bird was partly inspired by my anthropomorphic series. As you can see, the parrot is wearing Frida-inspired clothing and accessories, giving it a human like presence. Other influences for this piece came from Frida Kahlo’s art work. The Wounded Deer ties in with my anthropomorphic theme, while Me and my Parrots and Still Life with Parrots and Fruit inspired my animal choice and use of bright, vibrant colors. The clothing choice and iconic eyebrows on the bird was influenced by Frida’s self portrait,Self Portrait Dedicated to Dr Eloesser

If you win, how would you spend $500 at Pure (a month of free tacos)?

I can’t think of many prizes that are better than a month of free tacos! The steak taco is always my go-to, but they are all so delicious. Of course, they all pair well with Pure’s famous skinny margaritas!I’m excited to have the opportunity to have my art recognized and I hope all my fellow margarita lovers enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoyed creating it.