February Employee Spotlight : Ricardo Salgado


meet ricardo - brookhaven's Kitchen Manager

Ricardo is a great team player and leader - Brookhaven Teammates

11 things about Ricardo

1. He started working at PURE years ago after hearing about the job through his brother-in-law who also used to work at PURE.


2. His name is Ricardo but everyone calls him carnitas because he used to make and sell carnitas to friends. He can also make a hilarious pig noise; which is also part of his nickname.


3. Ricardo's greatest accomplishment at PURE is that he started as a Line Cook and through his hard work has been promoted to Kitchen Manager.


4. His favorite food item on the menu to eat: Tequila Lime Chicken & Charros, his favorite food to cook: Carnitas (of course!)


5. His favorite drink at PURE? Jarritos Grapefruit 


6. Favorite hobby? Spending time with his three kids and cooking.


7. If money wasn't a consideration, Ricardo would spend his perfect day going to Mexico City to see his family and just enjoy spending time with them. He wouldn't forget to take his motorcycle for a cruise around the city before leaving. 


8. He is at his happiest when he is in the kitchen cooking


9. A goal that Ricardo is working towards is opening his own business, a restaurant of his own. 


10. If he could travel anywhere in the world, where would he go? Puerto Rico, for the beaches!


11. When asked what his favorite quote was, he said, "Do your best in everything you do, so you can be successful."


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