June | Frida Artistry Series Winner...


We are so excited to announce our second winner of the Frida Artisty Series Contest is ....

Lindsey Tucker! 

 While you enjoy your blueberry hibiscus margarita, get to know the artist behind this month's Frida Kahlo inspired glass. 

Get in touch:

Instagram: @lindseylunatucker

Where are you from?

I grew up in south east Michigan, but have been living in Atlanta for four years now!

How long have you lived in Atlanta/ Surrounding Areas?

Four years in Atlanta, before that I was in Athens for three years.

What inspired you to submit art for this project?

I love drawing my contour lines drawings and thought it would be really fun to do some drawings of Frida Kahlo.

Please describe your artwork. What does the piece mean to you?

My blind contour line drawings stem from the recognition that we as humans, are more alike than we are different. There is so much contention and hate in society today, contention between political groups, between individuals, etc. If we all took the opportunity to connect and see other people for what they are – humans in search of love and happiness, we would begin to recognize ourselves within others. My line drawings can usually capture the essence of someone and when the drawings are displayed all together, patterns and likeness between figures begin to emerge. The title of this piece, which is the name for this piece in all versions is One is Another. I am honored to include Frida Kahlo, a badass woman artist in my collection of one line portraits!

If you win, how would you spend $500 at Pure (a month of free tacos)?

Well, tacos are one of my favorite foods so I would be honored to spend $500 at Pure. That wouldcertainly be a month of pure bliss. I’m all about the Pescado a la Parrilla and Guacamole. What can I say?I am a woman of predictable taste. Although if I had tacos for a month, I would like to try every single thing on the menu. Now that sounds like a dream come true 😊