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Surprise! We've got Dessert Drinks!

Desserts have always been a big part of what we do at Pure, but we wanted to make sure more and more people knew about them. If you've had em' before, you probably know how the Tres Leches and Key Lime Pie make your mouth water. And just like a Double Barrel goes with your tacos, don't you wish you had a tasty drink to go with your dessert? Well, we have news...

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Oaxaca: Sticking to our Roots

One of the things that sets Pure apart is our desire to remain true to traditional Mexican roots. Corporate Chef, Carlos Cisneros, originally from Monterrey, Mexico, has a desire to bring even more traditional cuisine to Pure. This past month, Carlos and one of Pure's owners, Michele Sedgwick, took a week-long trip to Guadalajara and Oaxaca for a little research and development. 

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Herradura Tequila Dinner

If you didn't get the chance to make it, we're here with a glimpse of our Herradura Tequila Dinner that was held on National Margarita Day at 'Next to Pure,' our corporate office that is also used as an event facility. It was a beautiful and delicious evening, featuring dishes curated by our Corporate Chef, Carlos Cisneros and one of our owners, Michele Sedgwick. 

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